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Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives complete ... (Roger Caras)
  NEWS 2018                                                                                                                  
Border Collie - Destiny's Lucy Dream of joy from the Kennel  Dream of joy
Lucy lives with Markétka in Prague, where she is now learning and commuting to us AG.
 We hope it will be helper for our FARM*AG

Ch CZ & SK Thevenet Pure Passion "U"  V1 CAC & VDH & BOS

In Kennel Měsíční pláně have puppies Golden Retriever - more info in web HERE
3x CACIB Nitra dog expo - Thevenet Pure Passion - 3x V1 CAC
Queen Victoria AG fulfilled 220 points Quinn Mannquin AG fulfilled 228 points Queen Cleopatra AG fulfilled 204 points
Oliver Watterloo Jr. Artemis Gold  1st prize
Ch CZ Ortis Artemis Gold 227   1st prize

MIKEE - Thevenet Pure Passion "U" - V1 CAC CACIB BOB BIG 3 & MIA - Queen Cleopatra Artemis Gold V1CAJC JBOB

Happy Easter                        
In Kennel Rock Point will be born puppies Golden Retriever (pregnancy confirmed) - more info in web HERE
In Kennel ze Šťastného chovu was born puppies Golden Retriever  - more info in web HERE
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