NEWS 2018 :
ACTION ACTION 2018 ... more HERE
  Added INSTRUCTION - Club OVVR exam - * application * also in event on FB
  Added INSTRUCTION - Club hunting exam - Doupovský pohár -  * application * also in event on FB
  Added instructions: Holiday with Retriever in 2018 - more HERE - Holiday also in event on FB
  GROUP in the FB
25.05.2018 Today´s Holiday and training KYSELKA - all pfotos and messages in Events at FB AG
23.05.2018 MIKEE - Thevenet Pure Passion "U" is CHAMPION CZ
20.05.2018 Oryn Boddy Artemis Gold in Kunžak pased Club exams -  II.price :-)
19.05.2018 IDS CACIB Litoměřice - Mikee and Mia BOB & JBOB - more HERE
13.05.2018 NIKÉ (Queen Victoria AG) for her first birthday for the first time at the show: Exc.1 CAJC, Junior Club Winner 2018 !!!
05.05.2018 MIKEE (Thevenet Pure Passion) in 11. SRA GRC Markt Bibart (D) V1 CAC& CAC (VDH) & BOB
04.05.2018 Fíbí (Phoebe Jane Tonkin Artemis Gold) today celebrates 3. BIRTHDAY
29.04.2018 In KENNEL z Eliščiny terasy were born puppies Golden Retriever - more HERE
23.04.2018 Lizzie (Lindsay Lohan Artemis Gold) today celebrates 7. BIRTHDAY
21.04.2018 In Kennel Rock Point were born puppies Golden Retriever - more to WEB HERE
21.04.2018 MIKEE  in 5.SRA GRC V1 CAC& Anvt.D.Ch VDH
14.04.2018 MIKEE in  ANKA CUP 2017: DUAL PURPOSE 4. place, WORK GR 5. place a SHOW GR  6. place
10.04.2018 V CHS z Eliščiny terasy waiting puppies Golden Retriever ( pregnancy confirmed )- more HERE
08.04.2018 Mikee Thevenet Pure Passion in CACIB CHEMNITZ V1 Anvt.D.Ch. VDH & Club CAC, Res.CACIB
08.04.2018 Doo (Cheek to Cheek Don Quijote de la Mancha) today celebrates its 10 th BIRTHDAY :-)
30.03.2018 Happy Easter
16.03.2018 In Kennel Rock Point will be born puppies Golden Retriever (pregnancy confirmed) - more info in web HERE
07.03.2018 In Kennel ze Šastného chovu was born puppies Golden Retriever  - more info in web HERE
22.02.2018 In Kennel BRI-COL is GR  Oro de Monty Artemis Gold - his planned, confirmed and already born litters can be watched HERE
Our puppies*R*AG are already in new homes
puppies in other kennels after our dogs
more HERE
18.02.2018 Our Puppies - litter *R* AG are already in new homes - more HERE
16.02.2018 In Kennel ze Šastného chovu  puppies of golden retrievers expect (pregnancy confirmed) after our MIKEE - more HERE


In Kennel Kendy Gold - puupies were born after dog-offspring Oro de Monty Artemis Gold - more HERE
04.01.2018 Mr. Dog Benny cross the Rainbow Bridge  ... RIP BENNY !