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Aura Artemis Gold, ČLP/GR/6494 
* born 14.03.2002 - +18.12.2010, colour gold, in memoriam
DKK 0/1 HD A/B, 56 cm
" Aura "
Aura Artemis Gold

I am a representative of race Gold Retriever and I was awarded by mark VD1 and VD, is said I have a robust skeleton, but I don´t care a cyclic presentation at all. Then I have passed these exams: TEST OF TALENT in 1. awards, OVVR in 1. awards, AUTUMN TEST in 1. awards and moreover I was the victress of tests. My keeper takes me also to the forest, concerning the hunting of ducks and pheasants I am like my mother Dina , allways loud on the scent and it is not typical for retrievers, it is rarity. I am veteran-bitch. I am very teachable bitch with friendly and well-balanced character. I am capable of work in the forest and I am a great porter and I have some actor’s abilities like my father: Melody Makers Memory of Louis. I have rich gold colours and a robust skeleton. I love people, children and I am tolerant of other the dogs and animals. I have already  been mother two times. My keepers help me to bring up my two litters D and F, you can see them in sections PROGENY.

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Tento obrázek jako dáreček vyrobila pro naší CHS Luci ! Děkujeme.
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Vše pro milovníky zlatých retrívrů, těchto úžasných chlupáčů !