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In Memoriam - Rainbow Bridge ...
Story of Rainbow Bridge ...  
There is a land of the dead and and the land of those who live,
and between them is LOVE,
and it is a rainbow bridge, that will survive everything
and makes sense to everything.
The one who lives in our hearts, that did not die …
The Story of the Rainbow Bridge ...
The heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.
When an animal dies, especially those that were close to someone,
go for the Rainbow Bridge. To our dear friends, there are meadows and hills,
where they can run and play together.
There is plenty of food, water, sunshine and our friends are warm and
 All the sick and old animals are healthy and back in power,
who were wounded or maimed, is now strong and healthy again,
so how can he remember in our dreams of days gone by and already past.
The animals are happy and content except for one minor detail:
All missing someone very special, someone who left.
They play and run together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops
and looks into the distance.
 His bright eyes searched observe impatient body begins to quiver.
Suddenly runs from the group of animals, flying over the green meadows,
faster and faster.
Until finally you and your friend will meet the immense joy.
Happy kisses rain covers your face, your hands again caress his
beloved head, again you look into those trusting
eyes  that long gone from your life but never from your heart.

 Author unknown, Rainbow Bridge

Cheek To Cheek Don Quijote   Chardonnay pour AG
* 08.04.2008  +12.02.2022   * 25.11.2007  + 28.12.2021
Sequins Shakira  
Sequins Shakira   Watterloo Misantos
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  Lambada Misantos
Isis Misantos Artemis Gold   Lambada Misantos
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Tsarine Misantos   Aura Artemis Gold
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Niké z Vlčích luk  
Niké z Vlčích luk   Uschka Misantos
* 17.03.1998  +16.07.2010   * 13.04.1985  +20.03.1998
... Our Dina on 2/20/1998 crossed the "Rainbow Bridge" ...
... Our Nike on 7/17/2010 crossed the "Rainbow Bridge" ...
... Our Aura on 12/18/2010 crossed the "Rainbow Bridge" ...
... Our Sara on 1/3/2014 crossed the "Rainbow Bridge" ...
... Our Dina on 2/11/2015 crossed the "Rainbow Bridge" ...
... Our Benny on 4/1/2018 crossed the "Rainbow Bridge" ...
... Our Sissi on 1/26/2019 crossed the "Rainbow Bridge" ...
... Our Shaki on 14/10/2019 crossed the "Rainbow Bridge" ...
... Our Chilli on 12/28/21 crossed the "Rainbow Bridge" ...
... Our Scooby on 2/12/2022 crossed the "Rainbow Bridge" ...
Remain in our hearts forever, it's part of our lives
and I'll thank you too !
He gave us all joy, You filled our MOTO ! Thank you !!!
... Yours "Rainbow Bridge" from us in the forest ...
Podzimní ráno v revíru ...
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Vše pro milovníky zlatých retrívrů, těchto úžasných chlupáčů !