In Kennel Artemis Gold is:

Our stud dogs Golden Retriever

young dog Golden Retriever  *11.6.2021 FCI  RKF 6310449 - ČLP/GR/23461

Pedigree: Nelson Golden Victory - K9Data

stud dog Golden Retriever  *15.8.2015 FCI  LOE2289496 - ČLP/GR/18665

Pedigree: Thevenet Pure Passion - K9Data
Vestafjell's Magic Elf & Thevenet Hacer Dulce La Sal

stud dog Golden Retriever  *4.10.2013 FCI ČLP/GR/16353

Pedigree: Oliver Watterloo Jr. Artemis Gold - K9Data
Watterloo Misantos & Lindsay Lohan Artemis Gold

Our stud bitchs Golden Retriever


stud bitch Golden Retriever  *12.6.2021 FCI  ČLP/GR/23021

Pedigree: Up and coming Star Artemis Gold - K9Data
  Alubyc Bom Bom Bombadee & Queen Victoria Artemis Gold

stud bitch Golden Retriever  *12.11.2020 FCI  ČLP/GR/22263

Pedigree: Tiffany & Co Artemis Gold - K9Data
Thevenet Pure Passion & Phoebe Jane Tonkin Artemis Gold

stud bitch Golden Retriever  *4.5.2015 FCI  ČLP/GR/174452

Pedigree: Phoebe Jane Tonkin Artemis Gold - K9Data
Watterloo Misantos & Lindsay Lohan Artemis Gold

stud bitch Golden Retriever  *23.4.2011 FCI  ČLP/GR/9293

Pedigree: Lindsay Lohan Artemis Gold - K9data
Cheek to Cheek Don Quijote & Sequins Shakira

Our future Golden Retriever


Gaby * Xena Princess Artemis Gold - mladá fena GR - *11.6.2023

PET HOME FAMILY  Golden Retriever

Raynox Unique True Man

HOME dog Golden Retriever  *25.8.2019 FRZ WBKC 201662 GPR

Pedigree: Raynox Unique True Man - K9Data
Saladatterra Mr.Nelson & Ivys Paradise Temptation at Raynox

HOME dog Golden Retriever  *12.5.2017 FCI ČLP/GR/19026

In our hearts
Chardonnay pour AG*Chilli - bitch - *25.11.2007-+28.11.2021
Isis Artemis Gold*Sissi - bitch GR - *15.2.2008 - +26.1.2019
Watterloo Misantos*Benny - dog GR - *22.9.2004 - +04.01.2018
Lambada Misantos*Dina - bitch GR - *9.8.1999 - + 2.11.2015
Tsarine Misantos*Sara - bitch LR - *29.1.2004 - +1.3.2014
Aura Artemis Gold*Aura - bitch GR - *14.3.2002 - +18.12.2010

Nike z Vlcích luk*Niky - bitch GR - *17.3.1998 - +16.7.2010  


Uschka Misantos* Dina - bitch AC - *13.4.1985 - +20.2.1998


Breed and dressur Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever

Name Kennel "ARTEMIS GOLD" we choose according to the name of virgin goddess ARTEMIS – the goddess of hunting, light,   the patron of nature, moon and the earth mother.

Kennel ARTEMIS GOLD has been on the file mainly because of Gold Retriever and Labrador Retriever reeding.
Our first bitch of Golden Retriever we have acquired in 1998. But always have been part of our family hunting-dogs, and breeder grew up in breeding keeper in the family environment, where keeping dogs involved in since 1971.
Gold Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers have the gift to become an ideal hunting-dog, who is able to hunt and bring game in the bush. Seeing that a retriever loves water, work at water is not a problem for him. He is perfectly protected because of his waterproof fur. He likes searching for various objects and bringing them. Gradually and very patiently his basic instincts should change into reliable work. Originally these races were breeded as a hunting-dog, a porter. At present this dog is trained for work as a guide for blind people, an attendant and a searcher for drugs. But mostly he is good for assistance of  handicapped people. There is possibility of taking advantage of many-sided individuality of  Gold and Labrador Retriever for example as a family pet, an imposing or hunting dog, but also he will be great at competion of obedience and activity. Retriever is gentle, always well dispose, intelligent dog, which meets all breeder´s requirements and makes more pleasure than we are able to pay back.
Our retrievers are mainly used for hunting purposes. In particular, they pass exams of achievement for needs of exercise of a hunting right. At the same time they are family partners and pets, we harbour them in our one-family house with a large garden. They get high-quality feed
Our next purpose is to combine hunting abilities of our dogs, high-quality location with an ideal temper. We aspire to their success in the exhibition and also at work. We want our puppies to go away to their new keeper allways mostly fit with the premise of good health and exterior. Then it depends on a keeper, how his dog will be brought up! Our best wish is that he will not disappoint anyone!
Permanent connection with keeper and breeder servis is self-evident for us
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