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Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives complete ... (Roger Caras)
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         Quinn Mannequin Artemis Gold & Queen Victoria Artemis Gold

Thevenet Pure Passion - KPZ - I. price, KVP - I.price

ChCZ Ortis Artemis Gold - KPZ - I. price, ResCACT, KVP - I.price

Oliver was nominated for the XI. in retriever competition 2016 and have 507 bodů - II.price
(at the International Retriever Competition only 20 retrievers can be nominated from the previous year by passing the VZPR exam)
In 2012 the our offspring won this contest Keira Knightley Artemis Gold and is Universal Versatile Retriever Winner 2012
That's why it's an honor to be listed along with her owner on the Tournament Cup


We have puppies from these parents in our Kennel * PEDIGREE Puppies: HERE

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