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Today is:
Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives complete ... (Roger Caras)
  NEWS 2020                                                                                                                  
PHOTOGALLERY - puppies litter T AG  ...

In Kennel Kendy Gold born puppies (Mike & Bessy) - litter G

Chilli is celebrates its 13th Birthday today - wish HERE
Liza is after surgery  
We have puppies Golden Retriever Artemis Gold
We have puppies   they were born 12.11.2020 - more HERE
Puppies are expected in kennel U Kamenné bašty (confirmed pregnancy) - HERE
 In Kennel Misantos born litter Golden Retriever *Y*Misantos
Pedigree puppies HERE *  info and contakts on the web Misantos
We are expecting puppies and we have confirmed pregnancy
Father of our future litter *T* Artemis Gold Thevenet Pure Passion
MIKEE is not only a beautiful dog, but also very handy for work
Sarah Anna Bell Artemis Gold - DKK=HD A/A DLK=ED 0/0 a OCD negative
Sheldon Cooper Artemis Gold - DKK=HD A/A DLK=ED 0/0 a OCD negative
Club Universal trial retrievers- CACT a res.CACT
Kyselka - Radošov 18.9.-20.9.2020
Queen Cleopatra Artemis Gold "U"
I. cena 416. bodů Res.CACT - 2. místo !

Quijote de La Mancha Artemis Gold

II. cena 416. bodů 10.místo !

Universal hunting dog - "U"

Reportage HERE

XII. Západočeské derby Kyselka-Radošov 5. - 6. 9. 2020 * KPZ a KSVP (CACT)


 Queen Cleopatra AG * Quijote de La Mancha AG

more HERE

Olivers son - Darwin Kendy Gold - DKK=HD A/A DLK=ED 0/0 a OCD negative
Darwin fulfilled all conditions for breeding - pedigree HERE

Our DOGS - eyes examined - MIKEE - NIKÉ - PHOEBE  - ECVO negative !

KPZ Club in Kyselka 8.8.2020
AG PROGENY completed the tests ClubPZ - more HERE
Progeny Artemis Gold passed test OVVR 7.8.2020

Thank you very much to onwers for presentation of our litters !!!


 7.8.2020 - Santiago Calatrava AG  pased trials OVVR
Jacqueline Braca Artemis Gold ocelebrated her 12 th Birthday !

MIKEE - Thevenet Pure Passion je INTERŠAMPION - více ZDE

In Kennel Magic Spell expecting litter Golden Retriever - more HERE
Pedigree puppies HERE * informacion and contact in web Magic Spell
 MIA - DERBY ČR  2020 - 6th place  !!! - more HERE
Owners, VERY VERY VERY thank you very much for the presentation of our PROGENY
... this beautiful location was due to the following PROGENY Artemis Gold:
MIKEE - Thevenet Pure Passion placed as SHOW dog Golden Retriever in 4th place
and ... we're getting better ! ... compared to 2018 we have improved by a lot of points you are amazing !
*SHAKI* Shakira Ripoll Artemis Gold
(Thevenet Pure Passion&Phoebe Jane Tonkin Artemis Gold)
SKY * Scarlett Johansson Artemis Gold
(Thevenet Pure Passion&Phoebe Jane Tonkin Artemis Gold)
HD A/A ED 0/0 OCD negative

1. ročník o putovní Javorenský pohár - Javorná  9.5.2020

 In Kennel Měsíčních plání was born puppies (MIKEE&Vanilka&Yascha) - more   HERE
SAMY Johnson celebrates his 1st Birthday - wishes HERE
    14. - 15. 03.2020                                               18.03.2020                                                     19.03.2020                  
Our FARM  new ram ZW
Our "SUNNY"golden"TEAM AG" 

*Niké* - Queen Victoria Artemis Gold - stud bitch

We plan her first puppies 2020

*LUCY* helps us in *FARM*
Destiny's Lucy Dream of joy
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